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Tackle crime and antisocial behaviour

Make Britain’s streets safe

Read Labour’s plan to take back our streets.

Labour candidate vows to make high streets safer

Labour will be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

The sense of security and safety on our streets has slowly eroded over the past 14 years, with rising levels of violent crime, a knife crime epidemic devastating young lives, and shamefully and persistently high rates of violence against women and girls.

Anti-social behaviour is a blight on our towns and villages, with drug misuse, nuisance gangs, fly-tipping and off-road biking increasing across our area, alongside an epidemic in shoplifting in our town centres. Too often this is dismissed as low-level crime, but it matters hugely to people across Great Yarmouth and it matters to me too.

At the same time, confidence that there will be any consequences when a crime is committed has collapsed. Too often people fear that when things go wrong, no one will come, and nothing will be done. That is the Tories’ abysmal record on crime and justice here in Great Yarmouth – criminals laughing at the law and victims paying the price.

Labour has a long term plan to tackle crime.

A Labour government will take back our streets. Labour’s pledge to put 13,000 extra neighbourhood police and PCSOs back on the beat will give every community a named officer they can get in touch with, so policing gets back to doing what it’s supposed to do.

Our Respect Orders, tough court orders similar to ASBOs, will allow us to ban those repeatedly wreaking havoc in town centres and problem areas. Our fast track Public Space Protection Orders will make it quicker and easier to clamp down on rapid escalations in drug dealing or drinking.

We will also deliver a network of youth hubs that brings local services together and gives support to teenagers at risk of being drawn into crime.

What this means for you.

  • Guarantee town centre patrols by putting 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs on the beat, funded by a new Police Efficiency programme on procurement and shared services based on the work of the Police Foundation.
  • Crack down on anti-social behaviour through tough new Respect Orders with criminal sanctions for persistent anti-social behaviour.
  • Fast-track rape cases through the courts and provide legal advocates for rape victims. Rape units in each police force, specialists in every 999 control room paid for by cutting police waste..
  • Give teenagers the best start in life with new youth hubs, containing mental health staff and youth workers to tackle the crisis in mental health, give teenagers the support they need and prevent knife crime.
  • Tackle shoplifting gangs by ending the £200 rule brought in by the Tories which stops shop thefts under £200 being investigated – even if the same gang comes back time and again.

How Labour will do it.

Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour

Labour will put police back in towns centres and neighbourhoods to make our streets safe again, with increased patrols and 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs.

There will be guaranteed police patrols in town centres, zero tolerance of anti-social behaviour and we’ll give every community a named officer they can get in touch with, to ensure a swift response to crime.

We will also clamp down on shoplifting and violence against shopworkers, making it easier to take action against repeat offenders and creating a new specific offence of assault against retail workers.

Tackling violence against women and girls

Labour will halve levels of violence against women and girls within a decade because everyone has the right to live free from fear.

We will introduce new specialist domestic abuse workers in 999 control rooms and put specialist rape investigation units in every force across England and Wales – so that early opportunities for prevention and protection are not missed.

We’ll require police forces to target dangerous repeat offenders with the tactics and tools normally reserved for counter-terror and serious organised crime investigations, to get serious perpetrators off our streets. And we’ll put specialists in the court system to support rape and domestic abuse victims and ensure that justice is done.

Preventing youth crime

Labour will introduce a new ten-year Young Futures programme, bringing together services and communities to support our young people, including a new national network of Young Futures hubs, with mental health workers and youth workers, to tackle the crisis in youth mental health, to give teenagers the best start in life, and to stop the knife crime that is killing our young people.

Police and criminal justice reform

Labour will rebuild public confidence in policing and the criminal justice system. We’ll turn around the collapse in the proportion of crimes solved by fast-tracking the recruitment of detectives who can solve more complex crimes like fraud, dramatically increasing the pool of prosecutors who can bring criminals to justice, and by building the prisons the Tories promised and failed to deliver.

We’ll reform the police, overhauling vetting and training processes, and introducing new powers to compel failing forces to comply with recommendations from the police watchdog.