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Secure our borders

Under the Conservatives, we have a broken asylum system where criminal smuggler gangs profit from undermining our border security and putting lives at risk on small boats. At the same time, convictions for people smuggling have dropped by 30 per cent, Home Office decisions have collapsed, the asylum backlog has soared, and basic enforcement has crumbled, with returns of failed asylum seekers down 50 per cent compared to the last Labour Government.

Twelve months ago, Rishi Sunak promised to end asylum hotel use but instead the number has hit a record high, costing the British taxpayer an eye-watering £8 million a day. Great Yarmouth’s part-time Tory MP thinks the solution is for Brits to welcome Channel migrants into their own homes. Britain can’t afford this chaos. Labour has set out a practical plan to strengthen border security, tackle small boat crossings and fix the Tories’ asylum mess.

Labour has a long term plan to secure our borders

Labour will:

  •  Smash the criminal gangs by using counter-terror style tactics – strengthening powers and using the full force of Britain’s intelligence and policing to destroy the evil business model of human trafficking.
  • Deploy more police and investigators in a Cross-Border Police Unit to go after the smuggler and trafficking gangs who undermine our border security and put lives at risk.
  • Set up a 1,000 strong Returns Unit to ensure failed asylum seekers and others with no right to be here are removed.
  • End hotel use for asylum seekers by clearing the asylum backlog with more staff to process claims and return people to safe countries.