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Cut living costs and grow the economy

Labour’s plan for jobs

Read Labour’s plan to strengthen your rights at work and make work pay.

Labour will grow the economy and put more money back in your pocket.

It should be the case that if you work hard and play by the rules, you will get on and do well. But for thousands of people living in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and the villages, that is simply not the case. People are working harder than ever but too often for less reward.

Our high streets were once the beating heart of our towns, but under the Tories, too many across Britain have gone into decline, with shuttered shops and anti-social behaviour blighting our town centres. That’s because the one thing we haven’t had a government who understands the problems we are facing, or an MP who gets on with the job and is truly committed to serving you, the people. The result is the biggest fall in living standards in a generation.

As your MP, I will be relentlessly focused on delivering growth locally, making sure our high streets come back from the brink, cost of living pressures are eased for you and your family and people have the opportunities they need to succeed – whether they live, and whatever their background.

Labour has a long term plan for growth.

Labour’s five point plan for growth is about kickstarting growth in all parts of the country, making working people better off.

  1. Putting economic stability first by introducing a new fiscal lock to bring economic security back to our national and family finances. Because we will never allow a repeat of the devastation of Liz Truss and the Conservatives’ mini-budget that crashed the economy and left working people worse off.
  2. Getting Britain building again by reforming planning laws to kickstart 1.5 million new homes, transport, clean energy, and new industries in all parts of the country. Because cheaper bills, the chance to own your own home and modern infrastructure are key to growth and the foundations of security.
  3. Backing British business with a new industrial strategy created in partnership with business to maximise Britain’s strengths in life sciences, digital, creative, financial industries, clean power and automotive sectors. Creating a National Wealth Fund to unlock billions of pounds of private investment, crowding in 3 times the amount of public investment. Because growing businesses are the best route to high paid jobs everywhere.
  4. Kickstarting a skills revolution. A new generation of Technical Excellence Colleges, offering more high quality apprenticeships and training opportunities tailored to local jobs in all parts of the country. Because higher skills are good for growth and rising living standards.
  5. Making Work Pay by introducing a new deal for working people and delivering a genuine living wage, banning zero hours contracts and ending fire and rehire. Because creating well-paid jobs across all parts of our country will make working people better off and more secure.

What this means for you.

  • Economic stability, certainty and tough fiscal rules creating the climate for low inflation.
  • Well-paid jobs with an industrial strategy to back key sectors like life science, tech, financial, clean power and creative industries.
  • More homeowners – reforming planning laws to build 1.5 million more homes with first time buyers getting first dibs.
  • Higher living standards in all parts of Great Yarmouth.
  • A living wage and more security at work with the end to zero hours contracts and fire and rehire.