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Keir Cozens

Meet Keir Cozens

I grew up in a small village a stone’s throw away from the Norfolk border. My dad worked as a welder and my mum was a teacher in a local school, doing her teacher training right here in Great Yarmouth.

Our region is where I grew up and where most of my family and friends have built their lives. I come from a close-knit family, and we all live near to each other. The Armed Forces are a big part of our family’s history too, with my dad, uncle, and grandad all having served. My parents are pensioners who have now settled in Attleborough, which is why making sure they and others their age get the support they need is really important to me, especially since my mum is a WASPI woman too. My sister and nieces are down in Diss, and I’m living in Belton, Great Yarmouth. So if you see any of my family out on the doors with me, don’t be surprised!

When I was much younger, I went to a local state school where I got good grades in my GCSEs and A Levels. My first jobs were in pub kitchens and stacking shelves at Homebase. At 18, I managed to get into Leeds University, and after I graduated with a 2:1 in Politics, I moved back down and started working at a local printing business.

It was my drive to make a difference and passion for public service that eventually led me into working in politics, and last year, I was honoured to be selected by local residents as the Labour candidate for Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and the villages.

Like many families, we faced challenges. I’ve seen the worry over bills, the anxiety of living payday to payday, the cost of the weekly shop going up and up. I get what’s going on for families around here.

This is such a fantastic place to live, work and invest in, and I know with every fibre of my being that Great Yarmouth can be greater still. And from now until the election, whenever it comes, I will be working with people in every corner of this brilliant constituency to show how we can turn the page on 14 years of indifference and inaction. Because the one thing we haven’t had is an MP that rolls up their sleeves and gets to work alongside people to solve the problems we are facing.

People are struggling – from the highest taxes in 70 years, mortgages costing them £240 extra a month, NHS waiting lists at nearly 8 million, crumbling school buildings, our coastline filled with raw sewage, families and pensioners hit hard by the cost of living. Working people are thousands of pounds worse off from tax rises and soaring energy bills despite Tory claims to be cutting them.

It’s time for change.

One thing is certain, those who made the mess are never the right people to clear it up. So, the Tories cannot be the answer to Britain’s problems when they are the cause of them. With people losing faith in the Tories, the responsibility will fall to the Labour Party to show people how we have changed and what we now offer.

We’ve changed the Labour Party. We are back in service of working people. Let me be frank. The Labour Party is unrecognisable from the one that lost the 2019 election. The shake-up we gave our party had one purpose: to ensure that we are once again rooted in the priorities of ordinary people. To put country before party.

Front and centre of everything we do will be economic stability so that families and businesses can plan ahead with certainty. That’s why every one of our commitments are fully costed and fully funded. We have no unfunded spending plans. A Labour government will always live within our means. Wherever we invest as a government, we will always explain where every penny comes from. It’s on that platform that we will be able to seize the opportunities of green manufacturing, offshore wind, tourism and technology as drivers of our local economic growth.

With spots like Wellington Pier and the world-famous Norfolk Broads on our doorstep, the Caister coast or the Winterton dunes, there’s a huge amount we have to offer. From Fritton to Gorleston, Martham to Hopton, this is an area full of generous, creative, hardworking people who just want the chance to get on and do well, wherever they are.

An MP who listens.

As your MP I can’t promise change overnight, but I will be an MP who listens, dreams big for our region and delivers for everyone.

I warn people, some of the decisions we will have to take will not be easy. The problems our area faces are deep and will need time to properly sort – but I will make a start immediately and work flat out if elected as your MP.

How people voted in recent elections doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that we come together and get behind change, real change, to get our country back on track and rebuild our pride and confidence across Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and the villages.

It’s time for change. You have the chance to take the first step and vote for it with Labour.

Keir's Priorities

It’s time to put honesty and trust back into politics.

  • I will never take a second job outside Parliament.
  • I will maintain fully transparent and tightly managed expenses, published for residents to inspect.
  • I will restart in-person surgeries and open a fully staffed local office.
  • I will live and work in Great Yarmouth – proudly representing the constituency I live in.
  • Unlike some other MPs, I will openly advertise all jobs in my office and never employ family members.

Labour has changed.

From Hemsby to Hopton, Martham to Winterton, residents are backing Keir Cozens to deliver real change across Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and the villages.

Labour is back serving working people and that means a recognition that when there is economic chaos, it is working people that pay the heaviest price. And that is unacceptable. So economic stability is our first duty.

That is why everything we put in our manifesto will be fully costed and fully funded. We have worked up our plans in partnership with business with the purpose of kick-starting growth everywhere and making working people in all parts of the country better off.

Labour will build a genuine partnership with business and civil society – sleeves rolled-up, working for the national interest. A strategic partnership that builds a bridge from the jobs we must protect today to the opportunities we have to win tomorrow.